Monday, March 28, 2016

April Card Buffet!

I'm having my first card buffet in April, and I'm pretty excited! I've prepared several different card kits, and I'm looking forward to lots of fun with you this month.

Here's how it will work: You come and make as many cards as you want in the two-hour class time. Each card is $2 and they are all designed and pre-cut for you; all you do is put them together! There are several cards from which to choose.

All you have to do is bring adhesive, and I provide the rest! I suggest bringing a regular paper adhesive, glue dots, and some kind of foam tape.

I am offering four sessions of my card buffet in April, but each session is limited to six people. Call or email me to sign up (; 765-635-4884), and you're welcome to reserve a spot for a friend as well. All classes will be held at my home, and if you need my address and/or directions, I will email you them once you sign up.
  • Saturday, April 9; 1:00-3:00
  • Saturday, April 9; 6:00-8:00
  • Thursday, April 14; 7:00-9:00
  • Sunday, April 17; 1:00-3:00
Please sign up at least two days before the session you wish to attend. But the later you wait to sign up, the more likely they will be full!


Here are some questions and answers you may have about my card buffet:

What do I need to bring to the buffet? All you need to bring is adhesive. I suggest bringing a regular paper adhesive, glue dots, and some kind of foam tape.

How many cards can I make? You can make as many cards as you can within the two-hour class time. All I ask is that you finish each card completely before starting on another one.

How much does it cost? You pay by the card, and it's $2.00 per card, which include envelopes. There are a few ways to get some cards for free. For each friend you register and bring with you (who has never been to one of my workshops or classes), you will get a free card. If you decide to place an order at the class, you will get a free card for every $25 you spend (before tax and shipping). Combine bringing friends and placing an order, and you could get all your cards for FREE!

How much time will it take to make each card? That mostly depends on how and how quickly you work. Some cards are more detailed, while others are pretty simple.

If you have any other questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask. I will be showing more details of each card on my blog over the next several weeks, so be sure to check back!

Thanks, and I hope to see you in April!

Bethany Rielage


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